A misread

Tuesday, November 09, 2010
There was love that was gone
Love to an American is way too cinematic
You know this
There was way of flesh but that also disappeared
Living on too many little islands yes there were islands in hell too she said
Then she was gone
Who hauled these islands on their love frenzy mellow
But what!  No her mellow gone too
No need to cinematize these mornings just build on homes
without any hopeless song there
Hey who the hell dropped my cinematic for such little cash?
Now he, his orchestra and every wannabe knows of the real kings in your hell
You Americans are way too gone with your islands of consumption – way too gone
You love your coffee American frenzy to the mile-end of children of your convenience 
What home with no mile-end in sight we have your melody for you
American frenzy extraordinaire and we are expecting it to please you
We know your convenience you dirty little children of hopeless Samson
Too many summers
Too many built on cloud islands
Bring home your melody king of coffee
Long gone coffee Samson of eternal summer
Who will recognize this frenetic waste of time we built for your convenience
Cultivated for your devastated coffee islands
Right up till we disappeared in the mixtape