Sunday, October 24, 2010

The other: enter the myth
Hesitation, reasonably like an apostrophe
Marking the now empty space
Who will walk the row beneath?
Non-attachment, instead
The severed trunk swings back

The unexpected, not what you counted on

a tiny rustle of wind ruffling
the fuzzy oak leaves
The sun slips down behind the hill

The rustle of wind,
Imagine a hill,
The sun balanced like an apostrophe
Marking the wind ruffling through the leaves
All the things you have done wrong in your life
A will of ones own?
Like the apostrophe
The sun slips through the trees
The unexpected
empty space is a catastrophe
balanced like an apostrophe
Deadfall, the waiting, the [will happen]


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How I remember!
A small child
A boxwood hedge
Grass spider webs shimmering in the foggy dew
Morning sky scumbled
With soft cerulean and faint rose
Perfumed with lilies and Sweetfern
the Sensual din of cicadas