Today is your advocate

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I encouraged everyone to invest in you
Long ago we were a migratory phenomenon
So in love in dark little simultaneous conferences
And hot steaming bubbles of automobiles
Thrilling to far-flung places armed
With metaphors for social responsibility
We were a phenomenon known as ‘immovable minutes’
You circulated five million stolen moments
Capable of communing instantaneously
With what we were soon to be
I miss you; you left so suddenly
I still have all of your once-fringe issues
Rammed like a disease down the throat of your barometer
It’s a universe unto its own, all right
As I dreamed again you were dawning next to me
“It’s all about flow,” you said
Announcing the delicate technology of your luminous hips


Sunday, April 03, 2011
take this moment for example
open the gate the flood of doves frightening
us like frozen little children
as if there were no mothers in the world
and I would ask, if I were there

    how to stop this death by holding
it's bleeding head under the tap?

watching you again for any signs of life
or distracting aromas
binding your hands behind you with
trans-atlantic cables

[another sun comes up]
[another goose is cooked]
[another letter lingers]
[reaching back]

remember at that moment

don't get distracted

remember losing this moment
as if you lose your keys or your last breath
unlike any other
we could spread it out like jam across a thousand loaves of bread

but there is no way

you could make
this army of  little children that we are
stop this apoptotic death
from penetrating
the glassine skin of our own history

I am here

Wednesday, January 05, 2011
I am here
Not quite a man then 
Stubble on the head neck
Awkwardly shirt off sun towel beach world

I am here years; then rain water on MacDougal Street

Front of Café Wha
Disintegrating newspapers sound from in/out
Looking for your hand

I am here uncorking a bottle of King’s wine

Small hill, golf course birthday dream
You are full with the roundness of spring flush

And I am here again with Robert Frost’s walls

The cowbirds are the only visitors
Save a lone chipmunk lightening speed
Having seen the shadow

You away, always away, always always

The yearning, the soul
There is a kernel of everything
Inside everything, inside every kernel there is everything